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NetObjects Fusion 12.0
NetObjects Fusion 12.0

SEL1405 Series: High Precision Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometers

Ideal for systems integrators to incorporate a low cost and highly versatile line of metrology grade thermometers tailored for the most demanding scientific, engineering, and calibration lab applications as well as industrial control systems. Create a new gold standard instrument for your line of work!

When used with thermocouples, the SEL1405 series feature up to five input channels equipped with a true reference junction that greatly outperforms any solid state solution. Additionally, the reference junction can be made externally accessible for the ultimate cold junction compensation. System calibration allows for thermocouple accuracies in the order of 10 mK.

The internal precision resistance thermometer used for the true reference junction allows the instrument to operate as a single channel thermometer instrument accommodating a range of temperature sensors like SPRTs, IPRTs (Pt100), Ni120, Pt1000, and precision thermistors. The use of transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) makes this instrument the ultimate tool in terms of sensor interchangeability without loss of accuracy (up to 1 mK class).

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